उपमा कालिदासस्य

जम्बू फलानि पक्वानि पतन्ति विमले जले।
कपिकम्पितशाखाभ्यः गुलुगुगुलुगुग्गुलु॥

jambū phalāni pakvāni patanti vimale jale|
kapikampitaśākhābhyaḥ guluguguluguggulu||

This is an interesting one. It is believed that महाकवि कालिदास was once challenged by भोजराज to fabricate a poem that would rhyme with गुलुगुगुलुगुग्गुलु! To which कालिदास promptly composed the beautiful verse above, which refers to the falling of ripe jamun fruits into clear water, from branches shaken by monkeys, causing the sound of गुलुगुगुलुगुग्गुलु (splashing).

No wonder (though this by no means is any ample proof of the genius of the महाकवि), it was once said that:
पुरा कवीनां गणना प्रसङ्गे कनिष्ठिकाधितिष्ठित कालिदासः।
अद्यापि तत्तुल्य कवेराभावात् अनामिका सार्थवती बभूव॥
purā kavīnāṁ gaṇanā prasaṅge kaniṣṭhikadhitiṣṭhita kālidāsaḥ|
adyāpi tattulya kaverābhāvāat anāmikā sārthavatī babhūva||

"Long ago, when the best poets were being counted, they started with कालिदास, on the little finger. Even today, due to the lack of equal poets to his stature, the ring finger remains अनामिका, or 'unnamed'! 'उपमा कालिदासस्य'(simile belongs to Kalidasa)!"

4 thoughts on “उपमा कालिदासस्य

  1. Hi!

    I heard this rhyme from my sister who is a Sanskrit lecturer. I wanted to include it on my own blog. Just out of curiosity, I searched for this rhyme on google half expecting to find it at all.

    Interesting blog. I would like to visit often.


  2. उपमा कालिदासस्य भारवेरर्थगौरवम् । दण्डिनः पदलालित्यम् माघे सन्ति त्रयो गुणाः ॥

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