माघे सन्ति त्रयो गुणाः

उपमा कालिदासस्य भारवेरर्थगौरवम्।
दण्डिनः पदलालित्यं माघे सन्ति त्रयो गुणाः॥
upamā kālidāsasya bhāraverarthagauravam |
daṇḍinaḥ padalālityaṁ māghe santi trayo guṇāḥ ||

“Simile is Kalidas’ forte, Bharavi – density of meaning;
Dandi – simplicity and Magha possesses all three qualitites!”

http://www.gaudiyadiscussions.com/index.php?showtopic=1708 gives some outstanding examples of some of these poets and the above verse too (though there is some confusion between दण्डी and नैषध)!

2 thoughts on “माघे सन्ति त्रयो गुणाः

  1. If you don’t mind, a small correction about the translation to English. “Upamaalankara” is transliterated to Metaphor in English while “Roopakaalankara” is transliterated to Simile.

    Thank you,
    Prashanth Bhat.

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