मैत्रीम् भजत

मैत्रीम् भजत अखिलहृज्जेत्रीम्
आत्मवदेव परानपि पश्यत
युद्धम् त्यजत स्पर्धां त्यजत
त्यजत परेषु अक्रममाक्रमणम्
जननी पृथिवी कामदुघास्ते
जनको देवः सकलदयालुः
दाम्यत दत्त दयध्वं जनताः
श्रेयो भूयात् सकलजननाम्।
maitrīm bhajata akhilahṛjjetrīm
ātmavadeva parānapi paśyata
yuddham tyajata spardhāṁ tyajata
tyajata pareṣu akramamākramaṇam
jananī pṛthivī kāmadughāste
janako devaḥ sakaladayāluḥ
dāmyata datta dayadhvaṁ janatāḥ
śreyo bhūyāt sakalajananām|

“Cultivate friendship which will conquer all hearts
Look upon others as thyself
Renounce war, renounce competition
Give up aggression on others which is wrong
Mother Earth is here, to satisfy all desires
We have our father as the Lord, compassionate to all
Restrain yourself, give, be kind, O people of the world
May prosperity befall all people!”

This was composed by His Holiness श्री श्री चन्द्रशेखरेन्द्र सरस्वती (कांचीपुरमठम् ) for world peace! M S Subbulakshmi’s melodious rendition of this is very famous. In fact, she rendered it at the United Nations on the 23rd of October, 1966, on the occassion of the UN day.

Courtesy: http://acharya.iitm.ac.in/maitreem.php


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