गौरवं प्राप्यते दानात्‌

गौरवं प्राप्यते दानात्‌ न तु वित्तस्य संचयात्‌।
स्थितिः उच्चैः पयोदानां पयोधीनां अधः स्थितिः॥
gauravaṁ prāpyate dānāt na tu vittasya saṁcayāt |
sthitiḥ uccaiḥ payodānāṁ payodhīnāṁ adhaḥ sthitiḥ ||

Fame is obtained by giving money, not collecting it;
Clouds (givers of water) have a high position whereas the seas (storers of water) have a low position.

Been hunting this one for a long time. Got it from Kedar's collection at sanskrit.gde.to


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