क्षमा शस्त्रं करे यस्य दुर्जनः किं करिष्यति।
अतृणे पतितो वह्निः स्वयमेवोपशाम्यति॥
kṣamā śastraṁ kare yasya durjanaḥ kiṁ kariṣyati |
atṛṇe patito vahniḥ svayamevopaśāmyati ||

"What can a wicked person do to someone who has the weapon of forgiveness in his hands?
Fire fallen on ground without any grass extinguishes by itself."

क्षमा बलमशक्तानाम् शक्तानाम् भूषणम् क्षमा।
क्षमा वशीकृते लोके क्षमया किं न सिध्यति।॥
kṣamā balamaśaktānām śaktānām bhūṣaṇam kṣamā |
kṣamā vaśīkṛte loke kṣamayā kiṁ na sidhyati | ||

"Forgiveness is the strength of the weak. Forgiveness is the ornament of the mighty.
If the world can be conquered by forgiveness, what cannot be accomplished by forgiveness?"


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