सत्यं परित्यजति मुञ्चति बन्धुवर्गं

सत्यं परित्यजति मुञ्चति बन्धुवर्गं
शीघ्रं विहाय जननीमपि जन्मभूमिम्।
संत्यज्य गच्छति विदेशमभीष्टलोकं
चिन्ताकुलीकृतमतिः पुरुषोत्र लोके॥
पञ्चतन्त्रम् – अपरीक्षितकारकम्-२७ कथा २
satyaṁ parityajati muñcati bandhuvargaṁ
śīghraṁ vihāya jananīmapi janmabhūmim|
saṁtyajya gacchati videśamabhīṣṭalokaṁ
cintākulīkṛtamatiḥ puruṣotra loke||
pañcatantram – aparīkṣitakārakam-27 (kathā 2)

"In this world, a man whose mind is perplexed with anxiety disregards truth, leaves off the multitude of his relations and abandoning even his mother and leaving his motherland, quickly repairs to a foreign land, the people whereof he likes."
(M. R. Kale translation: MLBD ISBN 81-208-0219-5)

(posted on 25th Sep)


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