एकः स्वादु न भुञ्जीत

एकः स्वादु न भुञ्जीत नैकः सुप्तेषु जागृयात्।
एको न गच्छेदध्वानं नैकश्चार्थान्प्रचिन्तयेत्॥
पञ्चतन्त्रम् – अपरीक्षितकारकम्-९५ कथा १३
ekaḥ svādu na bhuñjīta naikaḥ supteṣu jāgṛyāt|
eko na gacchedadhvānaṁ naikaścārthānpracintayet||
pañcatantram – aparīkṣitakārakam-95 (kathā 13)

"One should not eat a sweet thing alone;
one should not wake up alone while others are sleeping;
One should not go on a journey alone;
and one should not think of gaining wealth alone."
(M. R. Kale translation: MLBD ISBN 81-208-0219-5). Lakshman liked this one particularly from the good ol' school days!


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