ॐ स॒ह ना॑ववतु।
स॒ह नौ॑ भुनक्तु।
स॒ह वीर्यं॑ करवावहै।
ते॒ज॒स्विना॒वधी॑तमस्तु॒ मा वि॑द्विषा॒वहै॥
om sa̱ha nā̍vavatu|
sa̱ha nau̍ bhunaktu|
sa̱ha vīryaṁ̍ karavāvahai|
te̱ja̱svinā̱vadhī̍tamastu̱ mā vi̍dviṣā̱vahai̎||

"Together may we be protected Together may we be nourished Together may we work with great energy May our journey together be brilliant and effective May there be no bad feelings between us" This is a typical शान्ति मन्त्रः chanted before any learning is commenced. In fact, ते॒ज॒स्विना॒वधी॑तमस्तु॒ is the slogan for IIM Ahmedabad.


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