नास्ति एषां यशः काये जरामरणजं भयम्

जयन्तु ते सुकृतिनो रससिद्धाः कवीश्वराः।
नास्ति एषां यशः काये जरामरणजं भयम्॥
jayantu te sukṛtino rasasiddhāḥ kavīśvarāḥ|
nāsti eṣāṁ yaśaḥ kāye jarāmaraṇajaṁ bhayam||

Found various versions of translations!:
[1] A poet who has profound knowledge of the Rasas is always victorious. His body, the embodiment of success does not need to fear old age and death.

[2] They are wining and fortunate and perfectly wise
Who fear not old age, nor their own demise.

[3] Victory to those foremost of poets, who have mastered the
Rasas (for want of a better word).
Their 'fame-body' does not have any fear of old age or death.
(this is approx. what I remember from school, similiar to [1])

(Posted on Sep 30)


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