अतिपरिचयादवज्ञा सन्ततगमनादनादरो भवति।
मलये भिल्लपुरन्ध्री चन्दनतरुकाष्ठमिन्धनं कुरुते॥
atiparicayādavajñā santatagamanādanādaro bhavati |
malaye bhillapurandhrī candanatarukāṣṭhamindhanaṁ kurute ||

"Excessive familiarity breeds contempt, going repeatedly (to someone else's house) causes disrespect. On the Malaya mountain, the tribal housewife uses sandalwood bark as fuel!"


4 thoughts on “अतिपरिचयादवज्ञा

    1. Interesting point. I searched the MW dictionary, and came up with these:

      adhipurandhri ind. towards a wife S3is3. vi , 32.

      bhilla m. N. of a wild mountain race , (prob.) the `” Bheels “‘ (who live in the Vindhya hills , in the forests of Malwa , Mewar , Kandesh , the Dakhin) Ka1v. Katha1s. &c. (ifc. f. %{A}) ; a king of the Bhillas Katha1s. ; the son of a S3abara and an Andhri (who was previously married to a Nisht2hya , ) L. ; a species of Lodhra L. ; (%{I}) f. a Bhilla woman , S3a1rn3gp. ; Symplocos Racemosa L.

      I am not able to find andhri anywhere too… I thought it might be bhilla-pura-andhrii, but not too sure…

      1. पाण्डवानाम् अज्ञातवासे द्रौपदी सुदेष्णायाः सैरन्ध्री आसीत् ।

        यथा “पुरन्ध्री” शब्दे, तथैव अस्मिन् “सैरन्ध्री” शब्देऽपि “ध्री”-उपपदम् दृश्यमाणमस्ति । अतः गम्यते यत् “ध्री शब्दस्य कश्चित् अर्थः भवति ।

        “पुरम्” शब्दः तु सर्वज्ञातः । सन्धि-नियमेन “म्”-कारस्य “न्” कारः भवति एतदपि माननीयम् ।

        परन्तु “सैरन्ध्री”-शब्दस्य विवरणाय न तु “सैरम्”-शब्दः न तु “ध्री”-शब्दः वा उपपदम् शब्दकोषे प्राप्यते ।

      2. Yes, it is indeed difficult to find sairandhri too! Here is what I found:

        andhra m. N. of a people (probably modern Telingana) ; of a dynasty ; a man of a low caste (the offspring of a Vaideha father and Ka1ra1vara mother , who lives by killing game) Mn. x , 36.

        Could that mean that andhri is the female version? भिल्लपुरस्य अन्ध्री = भिल्लपुरन्ध्री (समास)

        I also found the following:

        sairaMdhra m. (prob. fr. an unused %{sIraMdhra} , `” plough-holder “‘ ; cf. %{mahI-dhra} , %{aMsa-dhrI}) a kind of menial or domestic servant (in the caste-system born from a Dasyu and an A1yogavi1) Mn. MBh. &c. ; (%{I}) f. a maid-servant in the women’s apartments , a woman of the above mixed caste ib. ; a female artisan who works in other person’s houses L. ; N. of Draupadi1 (who became servant-maid in king Vira1t2a’s house , when her husbands , the five Pa1n2d2ava princes , entered his service in various disguises) MBh. iv , 77 &c. [1248,2]

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