देवानां नन्दनो

देवानां नन्दनो देवो नोदनो वेद-निन्दिनाम्।
दिवं दुदाव नादेन दाने दानव-नन्दिनः॥
devānāṁ nandano devo nodano veda-nindinām |
divaṁ dudāva nādena dāne dānava-nandinaḥ ||

"The God (Vishnu) who causes pleasure to the other gods and pain to the opponents of the vedas, filled the heavens with a loud sound as he killed Hiranyakashipu [a demon who forbade his son to take the name of Vishnu.]"

Note that only three consonants of 33 — द न व — are used!

Thanks to Advitiya at Gaudiya discussion list!


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