अरक्षितं तिष्ठति दैवरक्षितं

अरक्षितं तिष्ठति दैवरक्षितं
सुरक्षितं दैवहतं विनश्यति।
जीवत्यनाथोऽपि वने विसर्जितः
कृतप्रयत्नोऽपि गृहे विनश्यति॥
— पञ्चतन्त्रम् – मित्रभेदः – कथामुखम् २०
arakṣitaṁ tiṣṭhati daivarakṣitaṁ
surakṣitaṁ daivahataṁ vinaśyati|
jīvatyanātho’pi vane visarjitaḥ
kṛtaprayatno’pi gṛhe vinaśyati||
— pañcatantram – mitrabhedaḥ – kathāmukham 20

“The helpless can survive if protected by destiny, while the secure may perish when ill-fated. The orphaned child abandoned in the forest can survive whereas, by contrast, another may perish at home in spite of all precautions and efforts.”

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