क ख ग घ ङ …

कः खगौघाङ्चिच्छौजा झाञ्ज्ञौटौठीडडण्ढणः।
तथोदधीन् पफर्बाभीर्मायोरिल्वाशिषां सहः॥
kaḥ khagaughāṅcicchaujā jhāñjñauṭauṭhīḍaḍaṇḍhaṇaḥ |
tathodadhīn papharbābhīrmāyorilvāśiśiṣāṁ sahaḥ ||

"Who is he, the lover of birds, pure in intelligence, expert in stealing the strength of others, leader among the destroyers of the enemies, the steadfast, the fearless, the one who filled the ocean? He is the king Maya, the repository of the blessings that can destroy the foes."

Note that all the consonants are in order!!!

Thanks to Advitiya at Gaudiya Discussions.

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