न निश्चितार्थाद्विरमन्ति धीराः

रत्नैर्महार्हैस्तुतुषुर्न देवा न भेजिरे भीम-विषेण भीतिम्।
सुधां विना न परयुर्विरामं न निश्चितार्थाद्विरमन्ति धीराः॥
— भर्तृहरेः नीतिशतकम्
ratnairmahārhaistutuṣurna devā na bhejire bhīma-viṣeṇa bhītim |
sudhāṁ vinā na parayurvirāmaṁ na niścitārthādviramanti dhīrāḥ||
— bhartṛhareḥ nītiśatakam
“The Gods were not satiated by the immensely valued jewels [during the churning of the ocean]; Nor were they deterred by the terrible poison [that came forth]. Without nectar, rest they did not; the resolute do not abandon the [set] goal [ever].

http://www.jagat.wisewisdoms.com/articles/showarticle.php?id=24 has the nItishatakam in English with meaning.


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