आचारप्रभवो धर्मो

आचारप्रभवो धर्मो नृणां श्रेयस्करो महान्।
इहलोके परा कीर्तिः परत्र परमं सुखम्॥
ācāraprabhavo dharmo nṛṇāṁ śreyaskaro mahān|
ihaloke parā kīrtiḥ paratra paramaṁ sukham||

"Dharma is born of good conduct, it is that which brings the highest welfare to man;
Great is the fame here that he gets by observing it, and supreme beatitude in the world yet to come."

आचारप्रभवो धर्मः धर्मस्य प्रभुरच्युतः
— श्रीविष्णुसहस्रनामस्तोत्रम् फलश्रुति-श्लोकः
ācāraprabhavo dharmaḥ dharmasya prabhuracyutaḥ
— śrīviṣṇusahasranāmastotram (phalaśruti-ślokaḥ)


One thought on “आचारप्रभवो धर्मो

  1. hi.. u gotta a very beautiful site here. i’m from s’pore n veri much interested in sanskrit. plz guide me along. do u know the phrase from BagavathGita..
    -wat is ur today, is not urs 2morrow.. what did u bring that u fightin for, cus u not bringin anything wit u when ur goin.. Lord Krisha..

    can i have tis sayins in sanskrit plz..
    by ta way, i’m a hindu (tamil)

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