प्रीणाति यः सुचरितैः

प्रीणाति यः सुचरितैः पितरं स पुत्रः
यद्भर्तुरेव हितमिच्छति तत्कलत्रम्।
तन्मित्रमापदि सुखे च समक्रियं यत्
एतत्त्रयं जगति पुण्यकृतो लभन्ते॥
prīṇāti yaḥ sucaritaiḥ pitaraṁ sa putraḥ
yadbhartureva hitamicchati tatkalatram|
tanmitramāpadi sukhe ca samakriyaṁ yat
etattrayaṁ jagati puṇyakṛto labhante||

"[Indeed] a son is he who makes his father happy with his good deeds.
She who is a well-wisher of her husband is a wife [in the real sense].
He is a friend who remains alike in times of happiness and misery.
In the world, only the noble (those with good deeds) obtain these three."


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