साहित्यसङ्गीतकलाविहीनः साक्षात्पशुः पुच्छविषाणहीनः।
तृणं न खादन्नपि जीवमानः तद्भागधेयं परमं पशूनाम्॥
sāhityasaṅgītakalāvihīnaḥ sākṣātpaśuḥ pucchaviṣāṇahīnaḥ|
tṛṇaṁ na khādannapi jīvamānaḥ tadbhāgadheyaṁ paramaṁ paśūnām||

"Those who are devoid of [interest in] literature, music and arts are really animals sans tail and horns. They live without eating grass though – that is indeed a great fortune for the animals!"

[Posted on 9 NOV]


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