को लाभो

को लाभो गुणिसङ्गमः किमसुखं प्राज्ञेतरैः सङ्गतिः
का हानिः समयच्युतिः निपुणता का धर्मतत्त्वे रतिः।
कः शूरो विजितेन्द्रियः प्रियतमा का अनुव्रता किं धनं विद्या
किं सुखं अप्रवासगमनं राज्यं किम् आज्ञाफलम्॥
ko lābho guṇisaṅgamaḥ kimasukhaṁ prājñetaraiḥ saṅgatiḥ
kā hāniḥ samayacyutiḥ nipuṇatā kā dharmatattve ratiḥ|
kaḥ śūro vijitendriyaḥ priyatamā kā anuvratā kiṁ dhanaṁ vidyā
kiṁ sukhaṁ apravāsagamanaṁ rājyaṁ kim ājñāphalam||

"What is gain? Company of the virtuous. What is grief? Company of fools [those other than the learned].
What is loss? It is the waste of time. What is prudence? Devotion to virtue.
What is valour? Conquest of the senses. Who is a beloved wife? One devoted to her husband. What is wealth? Knowledge.
What is happiness? To remain settled in one's own country [not going away from home]. What is rulership? To command obedience."

I have traded the poetry metres for clarity in writing this one.. क्षमस्व!


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