सूर्योदये चास्तमिते शयनं

कुचेलिनम् दन्तमलोपचरिणम् बह्वश्निनम् निष्ठुरभाषिणं च।
सूर्योदये चास्तमिते शयनं विमुञ्चति श्रीरपि चक्रपाणिनम्॥
kucelinam dantamalopacariṇam bahvaśninam niṣṭhurabhāṣiṇaṁ ca|
sūryodaye cāstamite śayanaṁ vimuñcati śrīrapi cakrapāṇinam||

"He who wears unwashed and unclean clothes, does not clean his teeth, eats too much, speaks harshly and unfeelingly, and sleeps at dawn and dusk is forsaken by Goddess Lakshmi even if he be Lord Vishnu [who is her own husband]."


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