मनसि च परितुष्टे कोऽर्थवान् को दरिद्रः

वयमिह परितुष्टा वल्कलैस्त्वं दुकूलैः
सम इह परितोषो निर्विशेषो विषेशः।
स तु भवतु दरिद्रो यस्य तृष्णा विशाला
मनसि च परितुष्टे कोऽर्थवान् को दरिद्रः॥
vayamiha parituṣṭā valkalaistvaṁ dukūlaiḥ
sama iha paritoṣo nirviśeṣo viṣeśaḥ|
sa tu bhavatu daridro yasya tṛṣṇā viśālā
manasi ca parituṣṭe ko'rthavān ko daridraḥ||

"O King! I am wearing clothes made of tree bark, while you are wearing fine silk clothes;
But both of us are happy and our contentment is the same — because no contentment is better than another!
Poor is the man who's desires are big;
There is no difference between the poor and rich, once the heart is content."

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