पापं तापञ्च दैन्यञ्च घ्नन्ति सन्तो महाशयाः

गङ्गा पापं शशी तापं दैन्यं कल्पतरुस्तथा।
पापं तापञ्च दैन्यञ्च घ्नन्ति सन्तो महाशयाः॥
gaṅgā pāpaṁ śaśī tāpaṁ dainyaṁ kalpatarustathā|
pāpaṁ tāpañca dainyañca ghnanti santo mahāśayāḥ||

"The [holy river] Ganga cleanses sins [on dipping in it], the moon, by her pleasant and cold beams removes heat, the divine tree kalpataru (that grants every wish) removes any needs or scarcities. [But] the great saints and virtuous people simulataneously destroy the sins, pains and deficiencies [of all those who associate with them]. "


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