सङ्कीर्त्य नारायणशब्दमात्रम्

आर्ता विषण्णाः शिथिलाश्च भीताः घोरेषु च व्याधिषु वर्तमानाः।
सङ्कीर्त्य नारायणशब्दमात्रं विमुक्तदुःखाः सुखिनो भवन्तु॥
ārtā viṣaṇṇāḥ śithilāśca bhītāḥ ghoreṣu ca vyādhiṣu vartamānāḥ|
saṁkīrtya nārāyaṇaśabdamātram vimuktaduḥkhāḥ sukhino bhavantu||

This shloka again expounds the power and importance of नामसङ्कीर्तनम् (nāmasaṅkīrtanam), which is one of the most relevant and possible methods of worship in this age of Kali (कलियुगम्).

An oft-quoted example of the power of nāmasaṅkīrtanam is that of Ajamila. Read more about Ajamila in wikipedia.


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