सतां हि दर्शनं पुण्यम्

सतां हि दर्शनं पुण्यं तीर्थभूताश्च सज्जनाः।
कालेन फलते तीर्थम् सद्यः सज्जनसङ्गतिः॥
satāṁ hi darśanaṁ puṇyaṁ tīrthabhūtāśca sajjanāḥ|
kālena phalate tīrtham sadyaḥ sajjanasaṅgatiḥ||
The sight of good people is by itself holy since they are the source of pious and sacred knowledge. While the other 'tirthas' or holy places give their effects after time (death?), acquaintance with the good and righteous pays off immediately


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