अपमानितोऽपि कुलजो न वदति

अपमानितोऽपि कुलजो न वदति पुरुषं स्वभावदाक्षिण्यात्।
न हि मलयचन्दनतरुः परसुप्रहतः स्रवेत् पूयम्॥
apamānito'pi kulajo na vadati puruṣaṁ svabhāvadākṣiṇyāt|
na hi malayacandanataruḥ parasuprahataḥ sravet pūyam||
One well born (of a high stature), though insulted, does not hit back owing to their innate natural courtest. The sandal tree of the Malaya mountain does not exude filth [even] to the one who cuts it with an axe!


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