व्यालं बालमृणालतन्तुभिः

व्यालं बालमृणालतन्तुभिरसौ रोद्धुं समुज्जृम्भते
छेत्तुं वज्रमणिं शिरीषकुसुमप्रान्तेन सन्नह्यति।
माधुर्यं मधुबिन्दुना रचयितुं क्षाराम्बुधेरीहते
नेतुं वञ्छति यः खलान् पथि सतां सूक्तैः सुधास्यन्दिभिः॥
vyālaṁ bālamṛṇālatantubhirasau roddhuṁ samujjṛmbhate
chettuṁ vajramaṇiṁ śirīṣakusumaprāntena sannahyati|
mādhuryaṁ madhubindunā racayituṁ kṣārāmbudherīhate
netuṁ vañchati yaḥ khalān pathi satāṁ sūktaiḥ sudhāsyandibhiḥ||
To control an elephant with a lotus stem, or trying to cut a diamond with the delicate petals of the shirIsha flower, or sweetening the salty ocean with a drop of honey — these are equivalent to want to reform the wicked with nectar sweet advice.


4 thoughts on “व्यालं बालमृणालतन्तुभिः

  1. Hi,

    I am very thankful for the wonderful collection of subhashitani. I am currently beginner-intermediate sanskrit student (self-study). I was wondering if it is possible to prepare a pdf file of all the previous collections (that include the devanagari font and the english translation only). If you can e-mail me something of that sort, I would greatly benefit from picking up new vocabulary from your collection of subhashitani. Of course, it would be strictly for personal use only.


  2. I am Maharashtrian Brahmin. I am looking for English Translation of Subhashitmala in easy language for my son who is studying in Std. VIII. I reqeust you to please email me the same on the above email ID, since I am unable to download the same from this site.



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