जीवनस्य लक्ष्यमेव संस्कृतस्य वर्धनम्

व्यालं बालमृणालतन्तुभिः

व्यालं बालमृणालतन्तुभिरसौ रोद्धुं समुज्जृम्भते
छेत्तुं वज्रमणिं शिरीषकुसुमप्रान्तेन सन्नह्यति।
माधुर्यं मधुबिन्दुना रचयितुं क्षाराम्बुधेरीहते
नेतुं वञ्छति यः खलान् पथि सतां सूक्तैः सुधास्यन्दिभिः॥
vyālaṁ bālamṛṇālatantubhirasau roddhuṁ samujjṛmbhate
chettuṁ vajramaṇiṁ śirīṣakusumaprāntena sannahyati|
mādhuryaṁ madhubindunā racayituṁ kṣārāmbudherīhate
netuṁ vañchati yaḥ khalān pathi satāṁ sūktaiḥ sudhāsyandibhiḥ||
To control an elephant with a lotus stem, or trying to cut a diamond with the delicate petals of the shirIsha flower, or sweetening the salty ocean with a drop of honey — these are equivalent to want to reform the wicked with nectar sweet advice.


4 responses to “व्यालं बालमृणालतन्तुभिः

  1. Nachiket July 8, 2006 at 12:12 am


    I am very thankful for the wonderful collection of subhashitani. I am currently beginner-intermediate sanskrit student (self-study). I was wondering if it is possible to prepare a pdf file of all the previous collections (that include the devanagari font and the english translation only). If you can e-mail me something of that sort, I would greatly benefit from picking up new vocabulary from your collection of subhashitani. Of course, it would be strictly for personal use only.


  2. Ravi Talekar September 30, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    I am Maharashtrian Brahmin. I am looking for English Translation of Subhashitmala in easy language for my son who is studying in Std. VIII. I reqeust you to please email me the same on the above email ID, since I am unable to download the same from this site.



  3. nagaraju raveender March 18, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    These subhashitams you are posting are very good and useful for the sanskrit students like me.

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