एकः परात्मा बहु देहवर्तिः

मृत्पिण्ड एको बहुभाण्ड रूपः सुवर्णमेकं बहु भूषणानि।
गोक्षीरमेकं बहु धेनु जातं एकः परात्मा बहु देहवर्तिः॥
mṛtpiṇḍa eko bahubhāṇḍa rūpaḥ suvarṇamekaṁ bahu bhūṣaṇāni |
gokṣīramekaṁ bahu dhenu jātaṁ ekaḥ parātmā bahu dehavartiḥ ||
One lump of clay is moulded into vessels of many forms, gold is
one made into ornaments of many shapes, the milk is one though
yielded by many cows. Similarly the supreme soul is one
though resides in many bodies.


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