दाता दरिद्रः

दाता दरिद्रः कृपणो धनाढ्यः पापी चिरायुः सुकृतिः गतायुः।
राजा कुलीनः सुकुली च भृत्युः कलौ युगि षड्गुणमाश्रयन्ति॥
dātā daridraḥ kṛpaṇo dhanāḍhyaḥ pāpī cirāyuḥ sukṛtiḥ gatāyuḥ |
rājā kulīnaḥ sukulī ca bhṛtyuḥ kalau yugi ṣaḍguṇamāśrayanti ||
In the kali yuga people will suffer these six changes: the liberal
man will be poor; the miser will be rich, the sinner will be
long-lived, the good man will be short lived, the king will be
of low birth and he will be served by a man of high birth.


2 thoughts on “दाता दरिद्रः

  1. I am teaching myself Sankrit and find your blog most useful. It has become my “daily-reading” now.

    If possible could you please increase the font-size of the sanskrit text? That would make it easier to read. Usually I increase the font-size in my browser, which as you may know, is not the most convenient when moving away from your blog-page. Ofcourse, if you have a special reason why you cannot increase the font size, I’d stick to my old ways…


  2. Hi

    Very good point.. I’ve been wanting to do it… I used to do that on my blogspot blog.. Unfortunately, wordpress does not permit the editing of the templates… I am sure they will soon introduce that feature, whenceforth I can make it bigger…. I know it’s difficult, but I think there’s no other option…

    Thanks for bearing with that!!

    You might also wish to see:


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