क्षणे तुष्टः क्षणे रुष्टः

क्षणे तुष्टः क्षणे रुष्टस्तुष्टो रुष्टः क्षणे क्षणे।
अव्यवस्थितचित्तस्य प्रसादोऽपि भयङ्करः॥
kṣaṇe tuṣṭaḥ kṣaṇe ruṣṭastuṣṭo ruṣṭaḥ kṣaṇe kṣaṇe|
avyavasthitacittasya prasādo’pi bhayaṅkaraḥ||
(Those who are) happy in a moment, angry in the next, thus every moment happy and angry, such a person is of unsettled temperament and even the favour of such a person is dangerous.

(Kindly contributed by Ms. Uma Purang)


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