अपां प्रवाहो गाङ्गोऽपि

अपां प्रवाहो गाङ्गोऽपि समुद्रं प्राप्य तद्रसः।
भवत्यवश्यं तद्विद्वान्नाश्रयेदशुभात्मकम्॥
apāṁ pravāho gāṅgo’pi samudraṁ prāpya tadrasaḥ|
bhavatyavaśyaṁ tadvidvānnāśrayedaśubhātmakam||
A stream of tasteful water (even arising from the Ganges?), having flown into the sea, becomes saline and thus undrinkable.
For this simple reason, a wise man should never associate with one of wicked and impure soul.

[Posted on 25 NOV]


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