खलः करोति दुर्वृत्तं

खलः करोति दुर्वृत्तं नूनं फलति साधुषु॥
दशाननोऽहरत्‌ सीतां बन्धनं तु महोदधेः॥
khalaḥ karoti durvṛttaṁ nūnaṁ phalati sādhuṣu||
daśānano’harat sītāṁ bandhanaṁ tu mahodadheḥ||
The wicked man does a bad deed and really it bears fruit among the good. The ten-faced one (RAvaNa) stole Sita, and it was the ocean that had to be restricted! (by Rama’s bridge)

One thought on “खलः करोति दुर्वृत्तं

  1. Great that u r putting up such Matchless verses
    “mahAtmanam darshanam uthamam syAAth”
    “mahAtmavAkyam sravanam varam syAAth”
    -I am blessed to read ur blog.

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