शक्तिः सङ्घे कलौ युगे

कृते मन्त्रप्रयोगे वा त्रेतायां तन्त्रसाधने।
द्वापरे व्यूहरचने शक्तिः सङ्घे कलौ युगे॥
kṛte mantraprayoge vā tretāyāṁ tantrasādhane|
dvāpare vyūharacane śaktiḥ saṅghe kalau yuge||
In Krita yuga, the chanting of mantras, in Tretayuga, tantra sadhana.
In Dvaparayuga, the creation of formations, while unity gives strength in Kaliyuga

Kindly contributed by an anonymous visitor to this blog!

[Posted on JAN 10]


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