जीवनस्य लक्ष्यमेव संस्कृतस्य वर्धनम्

अनर्थितर्पणं वित्तं

अनर्थितर्पणं वित्तं चित्तमध्यानदर्पणम्।
अतीर्थसर्पणं देहं पर्यन्ते शोच्यतां व्रजेत्॥
anarthitarpaṇaṁ vittaṁ cittamadhyānadarpaṇam|
atīrthasarpaṇaṁ dehaṁ paryante śocyatāṁ vrajet||
Wealth which does not help the needy, and a mind which is proud without meditation
A body which moves not towards a holy place (in pilgrimage) come to grief at the end.

[Posted on 8 MAY]


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