स्वजनोऽपि शत्रुः

अदृष्टपूर्वा बहवः सहायाः सर्वे पदस्थस्य भवन्ति वश्याः।
अर्थाद्विहीनस्य पदच्युतस्य भवन्ति काले स्वजनोऽपि शत्रुः॥
adṛṣṭapūrvā bahavaḥ sahāyāḥ sarve padasthasya bhavanti vaśyāḥ|
arthādvihīnasya padacyutasya bhavanti kāle svajano’pi śatruḥ||
When a man is powerful and prosperous, friends gather around him from all directions;
If he is poor and out of work, then even his own people turn foes in the time of need.

[Posted on MAY 8]


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