अकुर्वन्तोऽपि पापानि

अकुर्वन्तोऽपि पापानि शुचयः पापसंश्रयात्।
परपापैर्विनश्यन्ति मत्स्या नागहृदे यथा॥
akurvanto’pi pāpāni śucayaḥ pāpasaṁśrayāt|
parapāpairvinaśyanti matsyā nāgahṛde yathā||
Innocent persons, though they may not commit any sinful acts, are punished as a consequence of their mere association with evil-doers;
Just as the fishes in a serpent-pond are destroyed [by the snake destroyers] along with the snakes.


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