आदौ कुलं परीक्षेत

आदौ कुलं परीक्षेत ततो विद्यां ततो वयः।
शीलं वनं ततो रूपम् पश्चादेव विवाहयेत्॥
ādau kulaṁ parīkṣeta tato vidyāṁ tato vayaḥ|
śīlaṁ vanaṁ tato rūpam paścādeva vivāhayet||
First the [nobility of the] family should be examined, then the learning, then age [of the bridegroom].
Then the character (wealth?!) of the bridegroom, followed by the region to which he belongs and then his appearance/beauty and then should the marriage alliance be made.

3 thoughts on “आदौ कुलं परीक्षेत

  1. वनम् might stand for land or region.. So I think it might be वनम्…

    However, I am not too sure… and I picked this up from somewhere… don’t know the real source.. and googling for some of the words does not get me any hits…

  2. the word ‘vaam’ has been used with a sense that one must watch out the sesitivity of the groom because undercurrent of sanskrit is belongs to vaanaspatik culture, vaanprasth culture, sesitive to vanaspati so the word has been used vanam and not varam.

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