यथा हि मलिनैः वस्त्रैः

यथा हि मलिनैः वस्त्रैः यत्र कुत्रोपविष्यते।
वृत्ततः चलितोऽप्येवं शेषं वृत्तं न रक्षति॥
yathā hi malinaiḥ vastraiḥ yatra kutropaviṣyate|
vṛttataḥ calito’pyevaṁ śeṣaṁ vṛttaṁ na rakṣati||
As a person with dirty cloth does not hesitate to sit anywhere,
A person whose character has spoiled, does not retain his remnant good conduct.

Well, I picked this up from somewhere, but can’t imagine how true this is. This statement may be a bit gross, but if you look at smaller levels, it’s so true. It’s always the first time you make a mistake that counts a lot. Till then, you are extraordinarily careful. After that, complacency sets in and the compromises begin. It’s like the new year resolution lasts only till you break it first. It’s only occassionally that the first break was a one-off event and that things continue as before thereafter. Therefore, one must really put an effort to [indefinitely] postpone the first compromise!


One thought on “यथा हि मलिनैः वस्त्रैः

  1. बहुत अच्छे

    आप सस्कृत लिखते रहें और हम पढते रहें – बहुत अच्छा है ।

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