हंसः हंसो बको बकः

हंसः श्वेतो बकः श्वेतः को भेदो बकहंसयोः।
नीरक्षीरविवेके तु हंसः हंसो बको बकः॥
haṁsaḥ śveto bakaḥ śvetaḥ ko bhedo bakahaṁsayoḥ|
nīrakṣīraviveke tu haṁsaḥ haṁso bako bakaḥ||
The swan is white; the crane is [also] white. What is the difference between a crane and a swan?
When it comes to extracting milk from water, a swan is a swan and a crane is a crane. (The difference is seen).
It’s not just the external appearance that matters, but also the qualities that count!


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