अतितृष्णा न कर्तव्या

अतितृष्णा न कर्तव्या तृष्णां नैव परित्यजेत्।
शनैः शनैश्च भोक्तव्यं वित्तम् स्वयमुपार्जितम्॥
atitṛṣṇā na kartavyā tṛṣṇāṁ naiva parityajet|
śanaiḥ śanaiśca bhoktavyaṁ vittam svayamupārjitam||
Excessive desire must be avoided; nor should one give up desire completely.
In a slow (controlled) manner, one should enjoy self-earned wealth.
(I am sure, if rightly interpreted, this subhāṣitam emphasises karmayogam).


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