राजा राष्ट्रकृतं पापं

राजा राष्ट्रकृतं पापं राज्ञः पापं पुरोहितः।
भर्ता च स्त्रीकृतं पापं शिष्यपापं गुरुस्तथा॥
rājā rāṣṭrakṛtaṁ pāpaṁ rājñaḥ pāpaṁ purohitaḥ|
bhartā ca strīkṛtaṁ pāpaṁ śiṣyapāpaṁ gurustathā||
The King is responsible for the sins of the country, (i.e. if a country goes astray); for the sins of the king, his advisers are responsible. For the mistakes of a wife, the husband is responsible; and similarly, when a disciple commits a mistake, the guru is responsible.
Note that this is not a ‘blame game’; this just emphasises that if the guiding people are perfect, then mistakes will not occur. It is thus very important that a rājā, purohitaḥ, bhartā and guru should by exemplary in their conduct. Cf. यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठः


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