भावोपहतानि कल्कः

तपो न कल्कोऽध्यननं न कल्कः स्वाभाविको वेदविधिर्न कल्कः।
प्रसह्य वित्ताहरणं न कल्कस्तान्येव भावोपहतानि कल्कः॥
— श्रीमद्महाभारते आदिपर्वणि
tapo na kalko’dhyananaṁ na kalkaḥ svābhāviko vedavidhirna kalkaḥ|
prasahya vittāharaṇaṁ na kalkastānyeva bhāvopahatāni kalkaḥ||
— śrīmadmahābhārate ādiparvaṇi

Tapa is innocent, study is harmless, the ordinance of the Vedas prescribed for all the tribes (varNas?) are harmless, the acquisition of wealth by exertion is harmless; But when they are abused in their practices it is then that they become sources of evil.
(Translation by Kisari Mohan Ganguli)


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