महतां मण्डनमिदम्‌

करे श्लाघ्यस्त्यागः शिरसि गुरुपादप्रणयिता
मुखे सत्या वाणी विजयि भुजयोः वीर्यमतुलम्‌।
हृदि स्वच्छवृत्ति श्रुतमधिगतं च श्रवणयोः।
विनाऽप्यैश्वर्येण प्रकृति महतां मण्डनमिदम्‌॥
kare ślāghyastyāgaḥ śirasi gurupādapraṇayitā
mukhe satyā vāṇī vijayi bhujayoḥ vīryamatulam |
hṛdi svacchavṛtti śrutamadhigataṁ ca śravaṇayoḥ |
vinā’pyaiśvaryeṇa prakṛti mahatāṁ maṇḍanamidam ||
Ornaments of great people are entirely different. They are all natural.
Praise-worthy charity, for the hand; submission at the feet of the elders, for the head;
Truthful speech, for the mouth; matchless ever victorious strength, for the arms;
Purity of thought, for the heart and acquired knowledge of the holy scriptures, for the ears.
These are the worthy ornaments of the great by nature (despite the absence of worldly riches.)

[Thanks to sanskritdocuments.org]


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