सुन्दरे किं न सुन्दरम्

सुन्दरे सुन्दरो रामः सुन्दरे सुन्दरी कथा
सुन्दरे सुन्दरी सीता सुन्दरे सुन्दरं वनम्।
सुन्दरे सुन्दरं काव्यं सुन्दरे सुन्दरः कपिः
सुन्दरे सुन्दरं मन्त्रं सुन्दरे किं न सुन्दरम्॥
sundare sundaro rāmaḥ sundare sundarī kathā
sundare sundarī sītā sundare sundaraṁ vanam|
sundare sundaraṁ kāvyaṁ sundare sundaraḥ kapiḥ
sundare sundaraṁ mantraṁ sundare kiṁ na sundaram||
In the sundara kāṇḍa, or the beautiful chapter, beautiful is Rāma, beautiful is the story;
Beautiful is Sītā Devī, beautiful is the Aśoka vanam;
Beautiful is the poem; beautiful is the kapi Hanumān;
Beautiful is the mantra; what is not beautiful in Sundara Kāṇḍam?

I first heard this quoted by Shri Velukkudi Krishnan, in his upanyāsam of the Sundara Kāṇḍam.

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