ललाटलेखा न पुनः प्रयाति

लब्धव्यमर्थं लभते मनुष्यो देवोऽपि तं वारयितुं न शक्तः।
अतो न शोचामि न विस्मयो मे ललाटलेखा न पुनः प्रयाति॥
labdhavyamarthaṁ labhate manuṣyo devo’pi taṁ vārayituṁ na śaktaḥ |
ato na śocāmi na vismayo me lalāṭalekhā na punaḥ prayāti ||
Man obtains wealth he is to obtain, even God (Deva) is not able to prevent it.
Therefore, I neither grieve nor get surprised as the writing on the forehead never fails.

[Thanks to sanskritdocuments.org]


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