मूर्खस्य नास्त्यौषधम्‌

शक्यो वारयितुं जलेन हुतभुक्‌ छत्रेण सूर्यातपः
नागेन्द्रो निशिताङ्कुशेण समदो दन्तेन गौर्गर्दभः।
व्याधिः भेषजसङ्ग्रहैश्च विविधैर्मन्त्रप्रयोगैर्विषम्
सर्वस्यौषधमस्ति शास्त्रविहितं मूर्खस्य नास्त्यौषधम्‌॥
śakyo vārayituṁ jalena hutabhuk chatreṇa sūryātapaḥ
nāgendro niśitāṅkuśeṇa samado dantena gaurgardabhaḥ |
vyādhiḥ bheṣajasaṅgrahaiśca vividhairmantraprayogairviṣam
sarvasyauṣadhamasti śāstravihitaṁ mūrkhasya nāstyauṣadham ||
It is possible to prevent fire with water, heat of the sun with an umbrella,
A strong elephant with a sharp goad, a bull or donkey with a stick,
A disease with a concotion of medicines, and poison by the use of various mantras.
For everything there is a remedy provided in the scriptures but there is no remedy for a fool.

[Thanks to sanskritdocuments.org]

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