नारायणं निराकारम्‌

नारायणं निराकारं नरवीरं नरोत्तमम्‌।
नृसिंहं नागनाथं च तं वन्दे नरकान्तकम्‌॥
nārāyaṇaṁ nirākāraṁ naravīraṁ narottamam |
nṛsiṁhaṁ nāganāthaṁ ca taṁ vande narakāntakam ||
I salute to the great Lord Nārāyaṇa who is formless, valorous, best among men,
Nṛsiṁha, who suppressed the dreadful snake  Kāliya and killed Narakāsura.

What a nice alliteration!


One thought on “नारायणं निराकारम्‌

  1. too good. you remind me of one more from the ganesh shlokha “mudhakaratha modakam” in which there is nice alliteration. Thanks for this.

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