अपि ब्रह्मवधं कृत्वा

अपि ब्रह्मवधं कृत्वा प्रायश्चित्तेन शुध्यति।
तदर्थेन विचीर्णेन न कथञ्चित् सुहृद्द्रुहः॥२९८॥
—मित्रभेदः नाम प्रथमे तन्त्रे चण्डरव नाम शृगाल कथा कथा १०
api brahmavadhaṁ kṛtvā prāyaścittena śudhyati|
tadarthena vicīrṇena na kathañcit suhṛddruhaḥ||298||
—mitrabhedaḥ nāma prathame tantre caṇḍarava nāma śṛgāla kathā (kathā 10)
Even after killing a knowledgeable person (or a brāhmaṇa), one might purify by [an appropriate] expiation.
But having gone through that even, there is no pardon for one who betrays a friend.


One thought on “अपि ब्रह्मवधं कृत्वा

  1. sorry sir,
    it might sound strange… but i would like to know how did you manage to post blogs in Sanskrit??
    I tried looking for Sanskrit in Languages, but i couldnt find…
    can you kindly help me out?

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