ययोरेव समं वित्तम्

ययोरेव समं वित्तं ययोरेव समं कुलम्।
तयोर्मैत्री विवाहश्च न तु पुष्टविपुष्टयोः॥३०४॥
— मित्रभेदः नाम प्रथमे तन्त्रे चण्डरव नाम शृगाल कथा १०
yayoreva samaṁ vittaṁ yayoreva samaṁ kulam|
tayormaitrī vivāhaśca na tu puṣṭavipuṣṭayoḥ||304||
— mitrabhedaḥ nāma prathame tantre caṇḍarava nāma śṛgāla kathā 10
Those who are equal in wealth, and those who are equal in lineage.
Between them does friendship and marriage occur, not between opposites (strong and the weak?)

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