उपकारिषु यः साधुः

उपकारिषु यः साधुः साधुत्वे तस्य को गुणः।
अपकारिषु यः साधुः स साधुः सद्भिरुच्यते॥२७०॥
—मित्रभेदः नाम प्रथमे तन्त्रे
upakāriṣu yaḥ sādhuḥ sādhutve tasya ko guṇaḥ|
apakāriṣu yaḥ sādhuḥ sa sādhuḥ sadbhirucyate||270||
—mitrabhedaḥ nāma prathame tantre
One who is good, when being helped/favoured, what is great (surprising) about his goodness?
When being wronged, one who still remains kind/helpful, he is [indeed] said to be good, by the learned.


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