व्याघ्रीव तिष्ठति जरा

व्याघ्रीव तिष्ठति जरा परितर्जयन्ति
रोगाश्च शत्रव इव प्रहरन्ति देहम्।
आयुः परिस्रवति भिन्नघटादिवाम्भः
लोकस्तथाऽप्यहितमाचरतीति चित्रम्॥
vyāghrīva tiṣṭhati jarā paritarjayanti
rogāśca śatrava iva praharanti deham|
āyuḥ parisravati bhinnaghaṭādivāmbhaḥ
lokastathā’pyahitamācaratīti citram||
Like a tigress, fearsome is old age.
Illnesses attack the body like enemies.
Life flows like water from a leaky vessel.
Yet, is it not a wonder that man engages in actions not conducive to well-being?

{Thanks to Shri RAM]

One thought on “व्याघ्रीव तिष्ठति जरा

  1. Though contextually not important I think the present participle should be परितर्जयन्ती and not परितर्जयन्ति.

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