एको गुणः खलु निहन्ति समस्तदोषान्

व्यालाश्रयाऽपि विफलाऽपि सकण्टकाऽपि
वक्राऽपि पङ्किलभावाऽपि दुरासदाऽपि।
गन्धेन बन्धुरिह केतकपुष्पवल्ली
एको गुणः खलु निहन्ति समस्तदोषान्॥
vyālāśrayā’pi viphalā’pi sakaṇṭakā’pi
vakrā’pi paṅkilabhāvā’pi durāsadā’pi|
gandhena bandhuriha ketakapuṣpavallī
eko guṇaḥ khalu nihanti samastadoṣān||

Though located in a snake-infested place, does not bear fruit, is full of thorns;
Has crooked leaves and stands in the mud and is [hence] unapproachable,
The Ketaka creeper is still attractive due to [only] its fragrance.
One good quality indeed overcomes all other defects!


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